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About A-tacs Camo Fabrics

A-TACS Fabrics

A-TACS Camo™ was developed by Digital Concealment Systems (DCS), to answer the call for better and more effective camouflage system integration for duty personnel in any service branch from military to law enforcement. A-TACS AU Camo™ and A-TACS FG Camo™ are designed to provide for a wide range of operational environments.

Many of the modern digital camouflage patterns currently in use by the tactical community have flaws. The square pixels used to create the distortion effect do not replicate the shapes, forms, and shadows of the environments in which they are deployed. The ninety-degree angles and limited use of natural colors can in many cases make detection easier. A-TACS AU Camo™ and A-TACS FG Camo™ represent a radical rethinking of tactical concealment and how it is designed to work.

A-TACS FabricsWith the success of the original A-TACS AU Camo™ pattern within the tactical and law enforcement communities, A-TACS FG Camo™ has been developed (with the input of countless tactical professionals) to provide effective concealment in non-arid environments.

Learn more about A-TACS Camo™ here.

About Schott Performance Fabrics

Schott Performance Fabrics (SPF) has been involved in the printing of camo patterns on an extensive variety of fabrics for over 30 years. Our staff has collectively many years of experience in textiles and textile processing. Colormatch Camo™ is the process SPF employs to provide customers with consistent coloration for each camo pattern across a wide range of substrate fabrics.

ColorMatch CamoFaced with the challenge of commercializing their unique and complex patterns, DCS turned to SPF for our extensive knowledge and expertise in camouflage printed fabrics. SPF proudly accepted the challenge and has partnered with DCS in order to provide the tactical market with a consistent and reliable source for A-TACS Camo™ printed fabrics.

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